The Original McKenzie® SuperRoll™

From just $49.00

A low-profile lumbar support with a beveled design, The Original McKenzie®SuperRoll™ features exclusive, high-resiliency, pre-compressed foam and increased compatibility.



Perfect for travel, the adjustable, removable strap with hook and loop backing directly adheres to fabric-backed chairs or the seats of your car or truck. Featuring non-wrinkle, 100% polyester fabric for an updated look and feel, the mock mesh fabric construction is moisture wicking, very durable, and closely conforms to the contours of this lumbar roll. This sleek roll is superior to all others in design, comfort and quality. (Strap contains latex).

Hundreds of thousands of people have achieved freedom from common low back pain with The Original McKenzie SuperRoll. The SuperRoll measures approximately 16″ L x 2″ D x 6″ H. Made in the USA. #708


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