Human Touch ZeroGravity 2.0 Massage Chair

From just $2,299.00

Forget all you know about massage chairs. Human Touch has rethought, redesigned, and reengineered the massage chair experience. Human Touch Immersion Seating™ literally moves you from the stress and strain of the day to the greatest depths of relief, relaxation and wellness. The Human Touch Immersion Experience will reset your mind and body to perform your best and do what you do BETTER.
Reach your destination.
Recline to the Neutral Posture that physicians recommend as the healthiest way to sit. This zero-gravity position de-loads the spine and the related pain and pressure on vertebrae and discs.



ZeroG™ 2.0 Features


  • Ergonomic Recline-Motion Geometry

    ergonomic recline-motion geometryGet centered. Get relaxed. HT Immersion Seating™ is designed with persistent ergonomic precision. The ZeroG™ 2.0 moves you in maximum comfort.

  • Auto-Immersion Massage Programs

    AUTO-IMMERSION MASSAGE PROGRAMSFour full-body Auto-Immersion Programs featuring patented Human Touch Technology® simulate the hands and techniques of trained massage professionals.

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Espresso Sofhyde, Black Sofhyde

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