Human Touch Massage Chair

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Let the Human Touch Zero-Gravity Massage Chairembrace you, so you feel like you’re floating in an ocean of comfort. This stylish massage chair releases you from the clutches of gravity and adjusts to your body to fit you like a glove. The patented Human Touch Technology® replicates the hands of professional massage therapists to give you a heavenly massage experience.



Zero-Gravity Massage Chair Features

The Human Touch Zero-Gravity Massage Chair offers a combination of our patented Human Touch Robotic Massage Technology® with zero-gravity engineering design and a classy, refined look, including a choice of black or espresso top-grain leather/leather-match upholstery.

  • Dual-lumbar back heat

    Two lumbar heat modules gently warm the lower back muscles, gradually reducing tightness and pain. Heat calms and soothes back muscles, preparing them for a more restorative massage and faster healing.

  • Foot-and-calf massager

    It’s ideal to massage the calves in an upward, rolling or wave-like fashion. This motion forces blood away from the feet and toward the core of the body. Only Human Touch offers this patented technology. The width and intensity of the foot-and-calf massager can be adjusted and customized.

  • Massage Comfort Control

    Use the Massage Comfort Control function on the remote control to customize massage intensity. You can also use the Massage Comfort Control (in non-massage mode) to create a seating experience of unsurpassed comfort and relaxation.

  • Synchronized seat recline

    As the chair reclines, the seat automatically tilts downward independent of the backrest, allowing the body to naturally move into the most comfortable and effective massage position. This patent-pending seat design provides superior lumbar support and allows for an optimal massage at any recline angle.

  • True-zero armrests

    The armrests glide independently of the backrest as the chair reclines, ensuring the optimal ergonomic ratio between the arms and body. There is virtually no stress or strain on the neck, shoulders or arms while in a reclined position.

  • Zero-gravity design

    Reclining into a zero-gravity position, with the lower legs above the heart, relaxes and decompresses the spine. This neutral posture increases blood circulation, enhances comfort and enables a more invigorating and effective massage.

  • Seat massage

    Once only found in chairs twice its price, this innovative feature provides a relaxing air massage to the body’s largest muscles.

  • Body position navigator

    Legs-up — Deploys the footrest from a retracted position and presents the foot-and-calf massager, ready for use. Use this button to raise the footrest to the desired height.
    Legs-down — Lowers the footrest to a fully retracted position (foot-and-calf massager must be on top before retracting the footrest). Make sure the area behind/underneath the footrest is clear of any obstructions before retracting the footrest.
    Recline — Reclines the backrest to a horizontal position.
    Incline — Raises the backrest to a vertical position.

  • Lower body massage

    Circulate — Activates the calf vibration.
    Massage — Press to toggle among two fixed speeds and two auto foot-and-calf massage programs.
    Seat (Air Impulse Massage Seat) — Activates the unique seat massage, which uses two rows of rapidly inflating/deflating air bags and a layer of Visco foam to create a precision seat massage.

  • Cancel and restore

    Restore — Press and hold this button until the backrest returns to the full upright position.
    Stop/Park — Stops the massage and parks the massage rollers at the top of the backrest.

  • Massage focus

    Heat — Slowly heats up the lumbar region of the backrest to subtly soothe tired lower-back muscles.
    Zone — Press to target your massage to a three-inch zone. Use the Position buttons to focus your massage on the desired area.
    Position (up/down arrows) — Use these buttons along with one of the Manual Massage Modes to focus your massage on the desired area.

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